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Friday, December 01, 2006

CJ Cyriac's Comments upset lawyers(LEDS)

Dear Sir,
With reference to the remarks of the Chief Justice Cyriac Joseph about Lawyers and judges role in corruption in the judiciary,
Kudos to the chief justice for taking such a bold step despite the predictable consequences.
Instead of using this golden opportunity of self cleansing, the lawyers as a group are behaving like political parties, who take umbrage at any valid remarks. When found guilty claim the few black sheep do exist but should not be used to tar the entire group. Cleansing starts with the dirty spots. Political parties do the same when asked to pay for damages due to their bundhs. Like the infamous Indira Gandhi statement "Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon" which at one stroke regularized it like building violations .
In my recent experience, I ended up paying a "Lawyer" 500 for a court levied fine of 50 - "avarigella kodbeku-police,clerks,nanna fees etc-without even getting my statement entered.
I would like to deeply appreciate the efforts Mr A V Amaranathan constantly puts in to PIL's for greater public good.
20 Oct 2006


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