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Friday, December 01, 2006

Kumaraswamy supports son(LEDS)

28 October 2006,
This is with reference to the Chief Minister Kumaraswamy's reported remarks about his son's vandalism and drunken brawls as "Boys will be boys and It is not embarrassing".
They are appalling and tongue in cheek remarks which should be deplored most strongly.
They do not reflect well on the image of the State's Chief Minister.
Embarrassing is always in the view of the beholder not the perpetrator.
"Bangalore's life style" seems to have spawned a large number of antisocial
behaviour in the 18-50 age range in the upper crust of Karnataka recently.

The Proverbial Indian "SON" who "upholds" and "promotes" the family name, fame and reputation seems to have a very very long umbilical cord -even beyond 50 years of age?
Usually,You do not find the same appalling behaviour from the poor daughter who is again proverbially intended for aarathi.

It might be a reflection of the deferential treatment a son receives growing up from the parents.
Under the circumstances, I suggest the
Chief Minister, before he lays down office, legislate to increase the age of Majority from the present 18 to may be 35 or 40 and or more in the case of VIP brats to 50, in order to more accurately reflect the ground realities.


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