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Friday, December 01, 2006

Reckless autodriver causes 18 deaths in Tamil nadu(LEDS)

2 Nov 2006,

This is with reference to the tragic accident at a railway crossing in Tamilnadu, where an autorickshaw overloaded with 18 people on board stalled on the tracks , was crushed.

All the passengers enroute to a funeral ironically were killed.

These foolhardy , reckless, totally preventable accidents are exhibited too frequently by bus, truck, auto, bullock cart and tractor drivers all over India. Invariably with enormously tragic consequences.

This "flying into the sun on wings of wax "Icarean" attitude does not deserve sympathy but condemnation and abhorrence.

Ninety percent of the accidents that occur are attributable to human error and totally avoidable.

They cost the nation 15000 crores of rupees at a conservative estimate annually.

The immediate kneejerk reaction is to blame the railways.
It is grossly unfair since railways have very restricted,long established tracks. Their mammoth size precludes maneuverability.

Instead, Trains should be treated as emergency vehicles with a right of way.

The governments ever ready to encash votes readily, dole out compensation in with our hard earned tax money.

This state of affairs is intolerable.

The moronic users that cross tracks this way should be curtailed by severe penalties for violations.

The Penalties should include attempt to suicide and abetment to murder in the case of this auto driver.


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