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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

ban honking-unlock bangalore-26 Mar 2008

The traffic situation is intolerable because of unnecessary,incessant honking.
This barbaric practise is frowned upon and heavily penalized even in the
nondeveloped countries like china and many african countries.
Yet, it is sadistically tolerated here in this country.
Each one second honk affects 8000 people adversely in a congested city like Bangalore.
It is a very high price to pay for the fault of one individual or the driver's impatience.
The problem is compounded by all vehicles fitted with very loud musical, air horns, 4 wheeler like horns on two wheelers .
It is also noticed that such vehicles are usually driven by the most horn happy impatient, drivers.
It does not prevent the hundreds of accidents that take place in Bangalore everyday.
The solution lies in heavily penalizing honking and fitting illegal horns.
Such vehicles should be spot fined and the offending horn condemned immediately.
The government or the administration does not need special powers for this, but just the will to improve the situation.
Honking is banned in many places like educational institutions, hospitals, courts, religious places etc one of which is usually found with in 300 meters every where in the city making it virtually a no honking zone.
Supreme court has banned honking and loud noises between 22.00 and 06.00.
It has also mandated 45-65 db levels in day time all of which add to the arsenal of the enforcing authorities.
No honking driving actually encourages caution as it preempts the overconfidence and recklessness cover provided by honking.
Whatever it is it will certainly make life more tolerable for the millions of nonvehicle users suffering the vagaries of intemperate vehicle users.


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