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Friday, April 11, 2008

Goondaism by KRV activists-LEDS-9apr2008

The goondaism and antisocial attitudes shown by members of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike is a dangerous trend totally against the interests of Karnataka and its peaceful people.
In a recent instance a group of Engineering students were abused, threatened and challenged by an autorickshaw driver for using English among themselves.
He threw them out of the auto before reaching their destination. He challenged them to note down his number which illegally was only in Kannada. Many Kannadigas like myself, have difficulty deciphering Kannada numerals despite being fluent in the language.

As a born Kannadiga I can see that we need to learn the necessary skills to compete in this century instead of sliding back to stone ages.
It should be most vociferously condemned by one and all.
The government and law and order enforcement should immediately wake up from their complacency and benevolent attitude towards such lalwessness by anyone, under the guise of regional patriotism and nationalism.
They should stop tolerating this kind of ransom.
It is a positively dangerous and self destructing trend which seriously , adversely affects
India's integrity and independence.


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