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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SAS or commutation of death sentence? toi18mar09leds

18 Mar 2009,

In any system of fair/just administration, the house tax is based on raising a legally sound tax demand with penalties for nonpayment.

However, the unfortunate legacy of the British rule followed 260 years too late, is complicate compliance and penalize the citizen.

The 8 pages of form and handbook is a reflection of the repeated failure of the Palike to protect and promote the organized municipality promised by it.

Are we paying an annual tax or appealing to the president for commutation of a death sentence?

This is the consequence of the gross and blatant violations of all its charters and laws tolerated nay encouraged by BMP for well known reasons.
if BMP discharged its duty there is no need for self assessment.

or the media blitz strongly reminiscent of communist /socialist King is naked elegys, extolling the Self assessment, at our cost,
(atleast Rs 5 lakhs per bout?) .

No, it is more like the infamous ICICI bank consumer education series ads.


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