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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gas firms, not consumers, should bear risk costs -TOI28dec2008

This is with reference to the gas fire tragedy on December 20 that killed three of a family I knew in Bovipalya. Few of us know that gas firms are aware of the dangers. But they make every customer pay an insurance premium to offset their expenses of Rs 5 to 10 lakh in case there are successful claims against them. An insurance underwriter can tell you how low the risk factor is, although we are made to pay for it. When this was first introduced about 15 years ago, I challenged them in the consumer forum on the grounds that we are just lessees of the connection. The gas companies are the owners. So they have to bear the risk costs. It was unfair to collect crores from all consumers to pay for a few accidents, in the guise of a biannual checking, where tubes would be replaced whether they were damaged or not. The case was decided in the favour of companies. In the past few years, these regular check-ups have become sporadic or have stopped altogether for reasons best known to the companies. After every tragedy, nothing concrete is done. Fake agents, despite being brought to the notice of the companies, continue to hoodwink the people. It’s time for consumer courts to intervene and protect us. A group effort is needed to corner these gas companies and force them to act.


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