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Monday, March 14, 2011

Shoot on sight , shoot to kill should be the message to terrorists, pirates and drugs

Congratulations to the Indian government and the Navy for having made their stand clear to the world about not tolerating piracy of Indian lives and property no matter how far from Indian shores it is. A strong message needed to be sent out to these criminals and the world that India will not tolerate any invasion of its people or property. Now fast track courts have to be used to mete out the stringest punishment. and that should be broadcast to the world to prevent repeat attempts. India should take pride in its citizens and property the same way USA does no matter where on earth their citizens are endangered. One example is we do not have deferential treatment in immigration and customs for returning citizens and permanent residents the way all civilized countries have.

In fact shoot to kill on sight should convey a strong message on our approach towards such criminals and their acts. They do not deserve any justice or fairplay. India IS NOT A SOFT TARGET any more should be the clear message-for terrorism,piracy or drugs.



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