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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

bangalore's crappy dog owners

Dear Honorable Mayor Sharadamma,
It is good that you are visiting the US of A to see how clean a country can be kept and how much dedication, hardwork and governance is required for that.
I am a pet lover. Pets have to be brought up like children with good manners.
Here is an instance of how a pet owner or more likely the hung over watchman.
The dogs were brandishing a
stick threateningly, reacted to a respectful plural request to take the dogs for their SHIT WALK in more secluded areas instead of main post office road in Mahalakshmi lay out leaving unsightly dog shit all over morning walkers paths. Please see the attached videos.
The first words out of his mouth in Kannada singulars was neenyavano kelokke, nimmappanda roadu, kuddiddiyeno , ministers ella jaillalliddare, ninage bhedi madikondre chaddile madikotiya etc etc

The arrogance, the attitude is a matter of deep shame to everyone , more so for the thoughtless owners whose
image reaches the same level of crap their dogs discharged on the street offending other users.
When BBMP is acting even on littering and debris dumping strictly serious action needs to be taken against this.


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