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Thursday, October 20, 2011

weed out bogus cards exercise worth the while?

The senior source at FCS is overtly undermining the authority of the State Chief Minister in favor of Smt Karandlaje by claiming it costs state 1800 crores annually. Particularly since it has not pointed out what
efforts were taken all these years to allow the bogus cards to be issued mainly due to corruption from within. Allowed toreach this size.
or what was done to prevent well known diversion of domestic LPG to Commercial establishments and Vehicular use.
The Consumers demand to know from the same source of preferably the novice minister, the exact number of proven illegal connections disconnected and rupee value of
this exercise so they can judge for themselves whether this time and effort were cost effective. The deparmtent or the minister should not
have any difficulty justifying it-hopefully without cooking up the figures- if they went about it with clear conscience.


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