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Friday, April 27, 2007

Traffic woes-LEDS TOI 26Apr2007

With reference to "Traffic Woes: A Tale of two cities"
(page 7,
looking at the extreme prevalence of traffic violations in Bangalore, the 5000 cases fined per day is a pitiful fraction of the actual.
It is likely that 70 to 75 percent of the drivers on road at any time violate one or more rule while on road.
It is impossible to meaningfully enforce the law with a minute fraction of the 2000 traffic police -Sub inspectors and higher- challaning the offenders.
Blackberries and hi tech gadgets cannot improve compliance as they are again limited by the numbers.
At best they help track crimes and accidents quickly.
The enforcement officials must seriously consider making responsible citizens, retired officials and NGO members their partners in tackling violations unbiasedly.
It requires just common sense not any extraordinary legal experience or professional training to spot violations.
This will instill fear of law in the now uncontrolled Habitual Intentional Violators, who make the roads dangerous to all.
They authorities could go a step further and reward the assistance rendered with say 10% of the amount realized as opposed to 40 percent, in the western countries.
This additional penalty for being spotted by others will go farther than anything else in rapidly reforming the violators.


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