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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Patriotism?-LEDS TOI 15Apr2007

I have watched the overblown unsavoury controversies kicked up maliciously about trivial incidents under the guise of disrespect to tricolor and national anthem against leading personalities.

Everyone is fundamentally patriotic.

The cumulative actions of the representatives, leaders and parties over time that creates a sense of shame in being Indian.

These kinds of "subjective" issues are invariably raked up when party's fortunes are on the wane.

Only politics can routinely elevate this subjective interpretation to a fine art of settling political scores.
Divert attention from more pressing issues.
Make many routine words like Hindus, Hindutva, Patriotism, Muslims, minorities, OBC, SC, Reservation etc their political copyright.
They apply their subjective interpretations to malign others.
This is unacceptable and reprehensible behaviour.
It should be most strongly concemned by all.

Instead, improve thyself.
That will collectively improve your image and consequently the country's.
Right thinking INDIANS should stop being PAWNS of these manipulator's.
However, in this highly unemployed democracy of ours there will always be sufficient numbers to decimate the "dissidents".
Here is a question for those who will brand this letter also as "UNPATRIOTIC".
How many of you would have returned with a leading US university's postgraduate degree at the age of 21, thirty five years ago to serve the sick and the poor's healthcare needs honestly for less than menial returns?


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