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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Public can help out traffic police-TOI 19 Sep 2007

Public can help out traffic police This is with reference to ‘Switch off mobile before switching on engine’ (Sept. 18). According to research conducted by Utah University, using cellphones while driving is akin to driving under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, the police should implement the rule seriously. The authorities’ lack of will to enforce laws can be countered by the public. It can note down violators. They can in turn report it to the traffic police.

According to the University of Utah research, the recklessly endangering habit of driving while using cell phones is known to impair driving to the same extent as driving under the influence of alcohol .

Therefore the Indian Police should prosecute it as rigorously and equally grave offense.

The authority's lack of drive to enforce laws can be counter acted to a large extent
by the public.
It can be a regular list of the noticed violations to the relevant authorities.
We the citizens can do our duty by rolling the ball into the enforcer's turf.
Remembering the adage "our right is to work only and not to the fruits thereof" is a great incentive for us to do our mite.


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