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Friday, April 11, 2008


Driving is a privilege offered to a minority fraction of the society by the generosity of the majority, which should be preciously utilized.
This luxury costs the society 1500 tonnes of pollutants per day, killing maiming or injuring 15000 per year in addition to the
avoidable each honking noise pollution which affects 8000 people /sec of honk in the heavily populated Bangalore city.

It is this generous majority who are at risk from reckless endangerment by underaged, drunk, lawless, cell phone using,
careless drivers 24/7.

The Police and the enforcing authorities are totally unable to enforce or protect the society from the 28 lakh drivers or the thousands that are added every day armed with more powerful and modern weapons of destruction.

To combat this menace, the authorities should make the citizens their partners in enforcement by
1) arming them with the powers to stop and demand licences from the dangerous drivers be they underaged, suspected drunks,, modified silencers, road racers, evasive number plates or obvious law violators, making it a mandatory duty, for the driver to produce the required information, by the public on demand.
For example, insurance policy and drivers licence, the basic mandatory paper work should be available before being "adjusted' by the police and the violator.
When RTI mandates even government I donot see any reason state secrecy protection offered to these basic documents by "who are you to ask"
We are the affected.

2) The enforcing authorities or the complaining public-as done in the west- should be rewarded about 15-20 Percent of the fine from the violator so that compliance and fear of law increases.

3) If the offender chooses to question the complaint in a court of law, a mere affidavit by the complainant should be sufficient to convict him.
If he further exercises his right to cross examine etc, it should be at his cost and consequence.
Reason and logic requires that the violator, prima facie tresspassing the others civic rights has waived his own.


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