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Monday, April 21, 2008

Young arrogant drivers-LEDS-21Apr2008

Today I noticed the following violation which was the height of arrogance and indifference of todays youth's attitude to others and laws of the land.

The driver when politely told that the Hanuman temple road which was very busy at this time with many devotees and 3 deep traffic from south to north, was one way. The young rider shocked me by saying 'gottu'.
he was aware of it and still continued to drive against the oneway causing immense traffic block, and endangering the pedestrians the number is especially high on saturdays at hanuman temple.

Serious immediate exemplary action should be initiated against such arrogant and intentionally knowingly law vioaltors.

The parents of this particular driver should be made aware of the type and kind of contribution they have made to the society producing this offspring

2258) 19 Apr 2008, 20.00, KA-02-EY 1135, M/C helmetless young rider, -recklessly endangering legitimate traffic by driving south in north bound only section of hanuman temple road.


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