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Friday, December 26, 2008

Beware LPG tube replacement gimmick-16feb2007

16 Feb 2007,
Dear Girish B Kotbagi,
Indian Oil Corporation,
Here with the warning I was trying to send to IOC/HP/BP about these unauthorized LPG checks carried out by private agencies and the confusing names they employ to getaway with this cheating.
It destroys the national companies images as they will say they are from the company and later your representative turns up to do the official test and customer has to pay again. As you notice they even use confusing names to make it sound like they are from you-"Indani Gasoven Divsion".Since I have sent the complaint to the others BP and HP again through their web contact page, it might not have reached the right authorities, feel free to forward this to your counterparts in those companies if you know them so that all your customers are not cheated further.
A newspaper ad and prior announcement of Calendar of checking dates by you Gas companies may help prevent damage to your reputation by these unscrupulous agencies.Sincerely yours


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