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Sunday, November 16, 2008

arising awarenes from ban honking petition?toi pg 2 16nov 2008

Silence please! Noise is injurious to health


Bangalore: Think twice before you honk as you could be affecting others' blood pressure. A group of citizens, tired of the cacophony on the city's streets, has come together for a campaign — Mission Peace. They plan to create awareness among autorickshaw drivers and motorcyclists about the importance of silencers. Some autos cross the approved decibel level of 80. This not only increases stress levels, but can also cause deafness. The members plan to observe December 1 as No Honking Day. Retired high court judge Michael F Saldanha is supporting the campaign. "Our peace and sanity are under threat. Auto drivers remove mufflers and silencers from their vehicles without realizing how much sound pollution this causes. We should focus on public awareness and not effective policing as there is rampant corruption. We will take this up with the commissioner and the government," he said. Campaign leader Sunita D Souza said unlike buses, autos ply on small lanes and cause a lot of noise in residential areas and silent zones. So they need to be checked first. She has measured some autos with a noise meter and found them crossing 90 decibels. Hosmat director Thomas Chandy, who is also part of the campaign, said noise on roads definitely raises blood pressure. According to the Mysore Speech and Hearing Institute, continuous exposure to over 80 decibels of sound can cause deafness. "In the US, honking twice draws other motorists' ire. Here, the culture of unnecessary honking is unfortunately accepted by many," he said.

THE SOUND OF PEACE: The Mission Peace campaign will target auto drivers and motorcyclists


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