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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ban honking Day 1 Dec 2008-toileds

2 Dec 2008,

It was so very easy to mock Mr S M Krishna's vision of Bangalore as Singapore.
What is harder is to applaud its boldness.
In the face of Indian resistance to any change-even for the better.
Of late, indiscriminate honking has become a socially tolerated form of public expression of individual impatience and frustrations.
Honking is a tool for reckless driving.
Any honking is a violation of the existing laws which prescribe a 85db limit.
Much of the blame has to be borne by the justice system which appeared to favor the honkers in an accident.

It is depressing to see that we need to be "taught to wake up to tolerate silence"
I would like to believe that my 2006 ban honking petitions (http://www.petitiononline.com/banhonk/petition.html)
and hundreds of complaints to the authorities contributed a squirrel's mite(Alilu seve) to observing Ban honking Day on 1 Dec 2008.
This is a war, that enforcement authorities and public have to wage 24/7 .
It can be done by specifically noting the registration details of vehicles fitted with overly loud horns and unnecessary honkers and penalizing them severely.


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