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Friday, June 19, 2009


The GM Traffic,KSRTC
This is addressed to the chairman KSRTC. Since you are the only one endowed with an email available to the public in your organization, I am sending it to you.
Kindly forward or bring this to the Chairman's notice for information and action if any.
Sincerely yours
M B Nataraj

The Chairman,

Dear Sir,
I noticed from 6th June,2009 Newspapers that KSRTC had decided to incur additional 50,000
Rupees expenses per day running Airavat buses between west coast and Bangalore in the
Interests of “passenger safety” despite a 25 percent longer running time via Mysore.
On 7th June 2009, we travelled on Rajahamsa KA 19F 2055 from Bangalore- Navrang stop to Dharmasthala as we did not want night travel.
1) The bus was late by 30 minutes.
2) The bus stop is so disorganized that all the KSRTC passengers had to run from the traffic light about 150 feet trying to get into their bus. You can imagine the struggles of passengers with baggage.
3) Finally when this bus arrived, the driver kept moving the bus as we were trying to get in. There was no assistance with the baggage.
4) The bus design is BAD. There was not enough space to put the baggage into the overhead bins. Our requests to let us put the bags into the luggage compartment was countered with the baggage will get dirty-I suspect he was too lazy to stop the bus and let us put the baggage in the luggage space. As it was we and other passengers had to struggle with the bags in the aisle. The raised platform for the seats took away valuable luggage space and passenger head space. It did not increase any perceptible degree of passenger comfort in anyway. The curved entry way is a horrible torture for most passengers to negotiate.
5) As if this was not enough the driver was unusually rude and brusque at the terminus where he kept asking the passengers to get out quickly-after a 8 hour ride and with the baggages without assistance- when we asked him why cant he stop the vehicle completely a couple of minutes for passengers to disembark at the destination- he said he had to rush back as it was Sunday and a busy day. Then why was he late by 30 minutes in the morning?
6) We want to point out that the only reason passengers travel long distances on KSRTC in the day time is lack of private buses (is’nt KSRTC also privatized now? How can such indifferent and arrogant staff attitude can be tolerated?).
On 17 June we chose to return by IDEAL travels after travails with your Rajahamsa service. We had excellent help from the attender, who helped us both getting on the bus at starting point and off the bus at destination. We were extremely pleased we did not have to do a rolling bus alighting or boarding.
Are you surprised that you are losing customers and running empty buses?

We suggest that you improve the situation immediately- atleast that of staff attitude
Otherwise the least you can do immediately cost effectively is to change the name of the service to RAJAHIMSA so you can advertise the service quality so that the passengers are better informed as to what can be expected.
Thanking you
Sincerely yours
M B Nataraj 18th June 2009
BSc MS(Georgetown Univ Wash DC)
MT(American Medical Technologists USA)
Microbiologist-Medical Technologist
279, Mahalakshmi Lay out
Copy to The Editor,
Times of India


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