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Friday, July 01, 2011

authorities, elected representatives unholy nexus

The Sankey road is proposed to be widened from Ayyappa temple upto Bhashyam circle. A distance of about 2 kilometers. BBMP argument is that if it is not widened traffic will spill out into the bylanes. Fact is almost 1.7 km of the 2 km cannot be widened as it is as wide as can be and on top of the tank bund. and there are no bylanes in the rest of the distance- why even upto yeshwantpur and further where traffic nuisance can spill over. If there is any spill over it is for traffic bound south of 18th cross malleswaram, which cannot be improved by widening this unwidenable stretch by any stretch of logical imagination. When such specious arguments are propounded by authorities and peoples representatives, citizens are fully justified in inferring unholy nexus. The extent of nexus can easily be gauged by the cost of the project .
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