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Monday, August 15, 2011

congress should not spit upwind!

Congress should remember that it was Indira Gandhi who institutionalized and gave a carte blanc to corruption at all levels.

She even conveniently forgot that her own father said hang the corrupt from the nearest lamp post.
Now MMS says there is no magic wand- even if it is in his hands he doesnot have the will or energy to wave it without highcommand say so.
One simple amendment to PCA making it obligatory for the accused to prove their innocence would make a lot of difference in the enforcement of anti corruption act.
Manish Tiwari the mouthpiece should remeber throwing shit at the blowing fan is like spitting against the wind, it will fall on the spitters face.
Even assuming Tiwari's ,wild, weird, desperate accusation that Anna is neck deep in corruption
which no one believes for a second,
Hazare's fight against corruption is to be taken as a pit fall he knows we should not fall into.



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