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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

sue class action, the gas companies for denial , deficiency of service

We BM readers are happy that you give us arm twisted citizens a plank to stand on.
The Harassed LPG consumers and groups should ask for a refill and if and when the gas company refuses, take them to consumer court individually and as a class action suit for denial and deficiency of service. They will be found liable. Food and civil supplies will escape.
Mr Harish Gowda as a seasoned IAS officer should know like the chief secretary did- who shot BSY's last ditch attempt to post his men in Lok ayukta-(BM 1 aug 2011)that the duty of the Administrative officers is to protect and insulate the citizens and uphold the laws of the nation from the vagaries of novice or one time only minister's vote catching enthusiasms.
If he does not then he would be failing in his basic duties of keeping the government lawful.

While officials play the blame game, it is the consumers who are getting ‘cooked’. These issues have irked consumers so much that they are questioning the entire process.

Bangalore Mirror reader M B Nataraj says, “After the failure in collection, handling and transfer of data by the department, officials are armtwisting consumers into going through the same exercise again. Linking an RR number, property/ration card number/tax paid receipt to the legality or otherwise of ration cards is grossly arbitrary, unjust, unfair and without legal sanction in the absence of any authority under law to conduct such an exercise to determine the legality of the ration cards, which appears to be the basic purpose of this exercise. We are entitled to demand better functioning and accountability by government departments.”


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