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Friday, December 22, 2006

Reply to Vijay's rave about BMP seals kid in-IBN

Hi Vijay,
Dont go wandering off the issue.From Where did the question of a raped six year old come up?The citizens of India are treated like second rate criminals by the police and law enforcement authorities at all times. You may have experienced this if you are stopped by a traffic policeman for any reason, come back into the country from outside, or by the Road transport authorties for checking your documents.Have You seen a ticketless traveller being pushed out of the running train? I have. He could have been fined and jailed as per law. You are presumed guilty until proven otherwise. Have you tried attending a traffic court? In all other countries the citizens of that country get treated with respect and deference, we do not.In this case, had the authorities sealing the building under court orders been humane , could have checked whether there were any occupants in the apartment before sealing.There was no need to push the occupants around or slap the child. "Our" independent Indian bureaucracy treats Indians like we are still their slaves.AND WE TOLERATE IT. Their Mindset is like the British "Masters"dealing with the "Occupied" is what I meant. I am and always have been all for the just and fair enforcement of law. But not for official highhandedness. Look at who is ruling us? Most are Criminals or corrupts.


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