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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Vikas Yadav gets RI -21 Dec 2006

am extremely pleased that some justice was finally gotten. Nobody can really give life back to Jessica, so wasted for a glass of alcohol.I only hope that the Delhi High court does not buy the obnoxious,nauseating explanation of Vikas Yadav's counsel that he has already spent four years (for Nitish Katara case!) and he deserves bail. When did they ever start awarding sentences to different MURDERS run concurrently?This creep and a blot on humanity should for ever be put away without a chance of parole to protect the society. No One can predict how many more Murders he will commit after he is released. The witnesses and the families of the victims have a life to live.

I have read some extremely unfortunate and derogatory comments about Ms Lall's job.Aren't the men who frequent these places as responsible for her job? It is a supply meeting demand situation.


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