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Sunday, January 07, 2007

British tourist killed mistakenly! IBN7jan07

Mistakenly killed? Come, Come now. Mistakenly as used generally has the ring of an action which can be later rectified . Killing certainly is not a reversible action is it not?

It is totally unacceptable to classify a homicide as a mistaken action.
Then all cases of capital punishment can be retrospectively classified as a mistake.
Recall the case of a taxi driver who was stoned to death when he was caught by the locals when he was engaged in sex in the cab in a suburb of Bangalore a few years ago?
To kill someone mistakenly seems to be a bigger crime than premeditated murder in a civilized society.
It is totally against all norms that define us as human.
Your reporting about the poverty of the criminals who committed the murder and the 500 rupees offer by the victim's mother is an unnecessary appeal to mass emotions to create a sympathy wave in the public.

and have some cascading effect on the eventual outcome of the case.

This would result in the grossest miscarriage of justice to the dead victim who can no longer speak for himself.
His crime surely did not deserve the ultimate punishment?


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