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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pub bouncer's murder-leds 7 Jan2007

7 Jan 2007,


This is with reference to the horrifying murder of a Pub bouncer, who threw out three youths for eve teasing yesterday.
There is a serious problem with Law enforcement.
It is so pliable, feeble, and powerless that all fear or respect for law has evaporated. More disturbing is the fact is that many elements of these gangs of criminals are immediate kith and kin of police officers and politicians.

This should ring alarm bells in the society.

Gang actions are right now providing immunity from penalties because of the protection provided by numbers.

One can see that in the attack on tourist bus in UP, Kamblapalli and almost all political bandh violence.

To spread the message that such anonymous assemblies are not a social license to mayhem the entire gang should charged equally for the same crime .

The government and the enforcers should act immediately to specially diligently prosecute and secure convictions.

However, in the aftermath of the Nikhil case involving the chief minister's son and the subsequent successful hush up, very serious doubts about this ministry's ability to take such strong steps to uphold law and order will persist for ever.


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