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Friday, March 30, 2007

Mumbai Roadies love bending rules-IBN28Mar2007

The fines have to be increased to a penalty level to pinch. For example, using Very loud or musical horns should be fined with atleast twice the cost of the horn and immediate destruction of the illegal horn as a deterrent, as in drug enforcement.Traffic violations should automatically attract higher fines than parking violations.Cell phone use during driving is known to be as dangerous as drunken driving and should be severely punished, besides confiscating the instrument.Responsible Citizens, NGOs like TEST(Traffic Engineers and Safety Trainers-http://www.testtraffic.org/) and like minded organisations should be made partners in 24/7 enforcement by encouraging them to be the eyes and ears of the enforcement authorities, like traffic police and Road transport autorities. For this service they could be rewarded by additional penalty of 20% on the violators. This will be an incentive for the violators to pay for their own transformation. It will also fund the service organizations. It will also improve compliance which is now at a very low level because of the overconfidence that enfocement is not omnipresent.The 500 years of foreign presence has mutated our genes into a kind of childish mentality. We always depend on some authority figure to direct and control our actions. With the result, we fail in our duties to follow rules and therefore we lack the guts assert our rights.We have not yet grown up to fit our independent status. We need to develop self discipline, not enforced. Let us grow up, atleast now, sixty years post independence and show the world we are worthy of it.Secretary TrainingTraffic Engineers and Safety TrainersBangalore


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