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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bob Woolmers Murder-IBN-22 Mar 2007

I was sure that it was murder the day his death was announced in the papers.Had this happened in Pakistan, it would have been hushed up totally, thanks to Musharaff''s autocracy.This just strengthens everyones suspicion that Paksitan Cricket is rotten. Not that we have any sense of sportsmanship as far as that goes.But I dont think we would stoop to murder.So typically hamhanded way of Asians.No finesse.If they read Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes (come now we are talking about Pakistanis are we not?) they would have used more subtle means than strangling. What with Woolmer''s diabetes and hypertension and a little bit of advice from anybody in the know. It could have been natural causes.No it had to be the needle of suspicion.It is High time that cricket fraternity BAN Pakistan for a decade atleast from the "GENTLEMAN''s GAME", Irrespective of the findings of the Police. The entire team is tarred.


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