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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Govt: for stability sake spare convicted MPs-LEDS

3 Mar 2007,

This is with reference to the day's front page Headline"Govt: for stability sake spare convicted MPs".
When political convenience over rides law it is an epitaph for democracy.
There is no further proof needed than this that democracy has not succeeded in India.
If we still fool ourselves, it is at the expense of Majesty of Law.
The founding father's of this nation foresaw exactly this situation. They safeguarded governance by federal administration of states in case the democratic form did not work for any reason.
What this government appears to be conveying by this argument before the supreme court is that we are better governed by criminals than dedicated government servants.
I donot know how many right thinking people still want to buy that call option from our "Representatives".
Irrespective of the voters political
affiliations these "Representatives" should remember they are there on behalf of the people. Even though most of them are there despite the people.
It is time that the Politicians read the writing on the wall administer the nation or get out and the federal system is perfectly capable of running the country.


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