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Friday, March 30, 2007

Quota opponents cheer-IBN-30 Mar 2007

It may be too soon to cheer. Courts have the funny habit of sending out rays of hope and quashing them in the end. And Politicians have wily ways of bypassing justice and fair play.
Let us not forget the countless victims like Rajeev Goswami who immolated himself and the young boy who was shot by the police and hauled like a bleeding pig in a slaughter house. An image that is forever etched in peoples minds.

Vote bank politics is the curse of the nation.
Dinosaurian politicians like Arjun Singh and V P Singh keep the curse alive and kicking.
The perverted rationale of using seventy year old data is beyond comprehension.
When an educated intelligent vote is equal to that of the 80 percent of the country it cannot compete.
Hope the highest court in Land respects the current opinion of the majority and not that of the biased representative that managed to get to the legislature.


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