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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ram sethu and the like-LEDS TOI-13 Sep 2007

Holding up traffic or disrupting daily life all over the country over Ramasethu or Babri Masjid is hardly an accomplishment that any party can be proud of.

Whether Ramayana, Ramacharitmanas, Mahabharat or Bhagavad gita are historical records or not according to legal opinion does not lessen their value.

Instead it is enormously enhanced, if we all were to activley use them to improve our daily lives and help us be better earthlings.

I am afraid that the saffron/orange/ red brigades modus operandi manipulating religious sentiments is extremely to India's identity and integrity.

What is more it is unworthy of a great religion like Hinduism, its home and its precepts.

The resources these parties have, instead can be better utilized to research, promote the extreme relevance and advantage of using this great philosophy's values in today's troubled world.

This best be demonstrated by setting example by practise.

Just like Mahatma Gandhi did.


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