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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Courier companies-irritating practice-ledstoi16jul08

16 Jul 2008,
Dear Ms -------,
I am extremely pleased at the promptness your yeshwantpur office showed in appearing at my gate with in about 30 minutes of my writing.As you can see it was against all courier companies not just blue dart.you just happened to be the messenger who got shot.However, I still reiterate to you as I did to your local officials, that you need to find a less abrasive method of protecting yourself, which appeared to be the compelling reason for the practise and I could not see how demanding the phone number would help if I chose not to give you the correct number.As you can expect from any customer out to create trouble or whose intentions are not honorable.So I suggested to the officials and now to you also, that at the time of booking you can find out if the sender wants it delivered only to the named addressee,and only against photo identity or a specific proof and charge the sender extra for this service. For the sender to demand this as an extra service there will be usually a compelling legal reason and the recipient will probably be awared of the reason or the value of the item and will not hesistate providing such proof and what is more you are justifiably paid more for this additional service.I hope all courier companies follow the example.I had to raise this issue after being bombarded at all hours for phone numbers, seals etc for price lists, invitations to meaningless functions, promotional literature and other equally unimportant and unsolicited mails or items.
Sincerely yours
M B Nataraj

Dear Mr Nataraj,
Thankyou for writing to us,We value your feedback and sincerely apologise to you for theinconvenience caused to you regarding the said shipment.Request you toplease treat this as an exception and not a standard of services that westrive to achieve.We assure you the very best of services in future.Incase of further assistance,
please write back to us
Best Regards,

16 Jul 2008,
The Editor,Times of India
This is with reference to the extremely irritating practise of couriercompanies demanding phone numbers even after signing the receipt. Theydeliver at all odd hours , calling before delivery, asking fordirections landmarks etc, irritating customers even more.Some of them even threaten to take back the items.Most of the time these items are useless promotional brochures andletters.It is grossly incorrect on the part of these companies to demandpersonal information especially as the numbers may be unlisted.They should cease and desist from such a practise with immediate effectas it is leaves a bad impression about the sender and the couriercompany no matter how famous they are in the minds of the recipients. They should find less abrasive, alternatives irrespective of whatcompelling factor for them requires the phone numbersWe will not like to use such companies that might irritate or alienateour relationships and customer base.
Thanking you
Sincerely yours,
M B Nataraj
Blue dart # 12077016626 &delhi mall for info.


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