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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It is Corruption of Power, we disguise it as Influence-11nov2009

It is a matter of National Shame that a murderer like Manu Sharma is released even for a day back into the society to party, rave and rant at the media. The fact is- irrespective of how loud,long and hard Ms Jayanthi Natarajan screams to protect Ms Sheila Dikshit the Delhi CM who allowed this to happen- this parole is a travesty of justice. The grounds provided were false and what is more the authorities who accepted these grounds knew they were false. The only excuse they may have had is they were not aware of the extent of Manu Sharma's disrespect and disregard for this nations laws. He has the experience manipulating the "system" from the day of the gory murder of Jessica Lal. Why do we call this force "INFLUENCE". Let us call a spade a spade. This is CORRUPTION, pure and simple. CORRUPTION OF POWER, CORRUPTION OF LAW AND MOST IMPORTANTLY CORRUPTION OF VALUES, What little we have left.

Nataraj M B,

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