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Sunday, February 07, 2010

BT Brinjal policitcal decision likely

I am afraid that the BT brinjal issue will be politically (or has already been?) decided by looking at the floating stance taken by Minister Jairam Ramesh since the conflict escalated. Mr Jairam's initial vociferous claims of protecting the country and citizens interests have whimpered down to' his decision may please only 50 percent of the citizens'.An ominous sign for those like me who are totally against BT products.The Agriculture Minister Pawar has time and again proved his biased views in several agricultural matters, the latest demand that consumers eat less sugar- a cover up for his department's inability to handle the situation in a constructive manner and his support for BT products.Given the dilly dallying weak government at the centre striving to keep its seat, Monsanto will likely win this round.It is a deep misfortune of this country that we promote pro profit companies like monsanto that endanger human lives for lucre, instead of trying them for treason and throwing them out of the country.Looks like dubious companies from the west find a haven in the misfortunes of the third world, India being the biggest of them.


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