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Monday, January 11, 2010

BT Brinjal- eat and die-Internet debate-11Jan2010


Infant (read dangerous) technology is foisted on developing countries by the western researchers for 1) recovering the research costs, human dangers be damned 2) to by pass the stringent western standards for such doubtful products for human health or consumption or 3) even produce data from the III world countries as a pilot experiment for eventual introduction into the west. Our pliable, corrupt scientists and politicians are slobbering for the few dollars these companies throw at them to get this sanction.What shocks me as a microbiologist, is that Bacillus thuringiensis a cousin of the infamous human pathogen Bacillus anthracis- anthrax bug- is made out to be harmless.We need to remember that it is a virulent pathogen for insects, and we just do not know how pathogenic this bacterium is when introduced into the food we eat. May be we should run a pilot experiment on the west by feeding humans with insects dead from B thuringiensis infection.


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