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Friday, February 12, 2010

Stop this ransom-12feb2010

It has become an accepted fashion statement for have been political parties to hold the nation and its citizens to ransom on some non issue or the other.
This raises serious global doubts about the integrity and stability of this country as the largest democracy.
It also causes enormous economic havoc the damage, destruction of public and private property that this ransom invariably causes.
and we can ill afford.
One cannot expect vulnerable artisits like Shah Rukh Khans or Amitabh Bacchans to stand up to such goonda and dadagiri when state and central
governments do not or cannot.
It is high time that we evolve draconian measures to control and contain such treason by shivsena, ramsena, ravanasena , mns or any other outfit
local or national.

Under such obvious threats to the nation or states,
No questions asked SHOOT ON SIGHT orders should be mandated at all times for all antisocial activities. We should not tolerate public or private property damage under any circumstance.
Federal administration unswayed by political or local considerations -state and national- should take over till the end of the threat.
The entire economic cost to the nation/citizens or states should be recovered from the parties even if it decimates the party financially to inculcate
a sense of social responsibility in them.
The perpetrators of the damage should be criminally summarily tried and punished individually,
thereby denying the vital blanket insulation political party affiliation provides
and seal off the routine "rogue elements" escape
route taken to avoid the party responsibility.
Unless we act now, our sovereignity and integrity and future of this great nation rests in the hands of a few dangerous individuals.

Sincerely yours
Mr M.B.Nataraj


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