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Thursday, May 06, 2010

BWSSB RWH-29 APr 2010

29 Apr 2010,
Dear TOI Reporters,
This is with reference to the days story on BWSSB ILLEGAL, UNAUTHORIZED threats to disconnect water and sewerage connection for failure to
install Rain water harvesting.
Kindly find my letter in this regard to the chairman BWSSB and others in this regard.
To summarize the attitude of the authorities
1) it is an uncalled far,illegal,unauthorized, unnecessary extortionary arm twisting and a confrontational approach to compliance
2) Why single out only 60,000 of the lakhs of properties? how much can this small proportion can contribute to RWH program when lakhs of litres of PROCESSED water is being stolen and drained due to unmetered connections and broken pipes?
3) we certainly cannot expect the government with its time honored lethargy to set up four tertiary treatment plants recyling 5 mld immediately or
in the near foreseeable future.
4) BWSSB should accept RWH compliance even if uncertified by their "authorized contractors" which will just end up the initiative just being on paper since these certificates will be up for sale without actual compliance very soon. I would like to point out about what have we achieved by emission testing certificates in controlling pollution in and around Bangalore when we are putting in 800 vehicles on road every day and using up 6000 tonnes of petroleum products which amount to 1500 tonnes of emissions per day around Bangalore itself?
What this is doing to supreme court orders on noise pollution by uncontrolled honking and consequently public hearing and health is your and my guess.
To clear any misconceptions about my intentions in this whole problem, I want to specify that RWH has been setup in my residence in spirit, all the water not only on my roof, but the side and front open areas has been diverted to collect on an open lawn about 15x35ft, into a 1000 ltr sump and overflow around a borewell.
I am grossly against the tactics employed by the successive governments, parties and organizations to pass the buck to the unfortunate Bharatiya Janata for their own failures.
Here I quote Mr Vishwanath(http://rainwaterharvesting.wordpress.com/)
But, says, Mr Vishwanath, instead of making it mandatory, the Government would achieve better results if an awareness campaign is started on the benefits of the system. “Concessions that were given for solar water heaters could be given here too.”

Other countries do.(http://www.rainwaterharvesting.org/policy/legislation_international.htm)

5)Ordinary citizens already victims, should not be made further victims especially If Karnataka government is enjoying financial incentives and benefits from UN organizations for RWH, let us count our blessings but the authorities do not have to be overzealously harsh on the poor citizens to whom they have already passed on the cost of RWH.


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