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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Criminals in Poliics-LEDS23 Mar 2010

The Editor,
Times of IndiaBangalore,

This is with reference to the day's Headlines of JD(S) Kumaraswamy endorsing criminalization of Politics.
The public acknowledgement of tolerance towards the undercurrent of booth capturing, voter intimidation / purchase, lethargy, election malpractises, over the
This is the death knell of democracy in the largest elected nation in the world.
As the watch dog of the constitution, the election commission should wake up to this callous destruction of democracy by a
national party.
Otherwise this is identical to the carte blanc that Mrs Gandhi gave corruption certifying it as a universal phenomenon and the consequences we are suffering.
If we donot wake up to this new threat to democracy, Criminal procedure code violations will become minimum
qualification for Politics.
Sincerely yours,

M B Nataraj
TOI 23 Mar 2010
A criminal who has people’s support is fine by us: HDK
N D Shiva Kumar TNN
Bangalore: Criminals in Indian politics is not new. However, people in Karnataka took comfort in thinking that criminalization of polity was a cow-belt issue, far removed from their reality. With state JD(S) chief H D Kumaraswamy on Monday brazenly saying that he saw nothing wrong in fielding criminals if they looked like winnable candidates, that comfort has evaporated. In an exclusive interaction with TOI ahead of BBMP polls, Kumaraswamy said that his criteria for giving tickets to criminals is simple: he/she should have the support of party workers and people of the area and should be able to win. Obviously a case of political arithmetic trumping morals and scruples. But, is it right to bring criminals into politics? “What’s wrong? It’s a chance for them to reform. If they change, isn’t it an achievement and better for the society,” he asked. HDK: All criminals shouldn’t be given opportunities


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