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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Dantewada,Madhuri Gupta-leds 1may 2010

The two most distressing news items of the week 1) Dantewada maoists armed from Police CRPF arms? besides arming the gangsters in UP and elsewhere and 2) Madhuri Gupta spying for Pakistan for whatever reasons she choses to offer as excuses, for their treasonous behaviour,
one can feel Bharat Mata's agony and anguish through our own guts.
Those accused- yes accused not necessarily proven guilty- like terrorists, gangsters, spies and drug dealers, illegal arms suppliers and manurfacturers be they corrupt security who kill people should be awarded summary capital punishment.
They should be held responsible for all the consequential deaths from their actions.
The law needs to be amended immediately to apply to these cases with retrospective effect.
Breathes there an Indian with soul so dead to oppose this move?
Let us not waste precious judicial and administrative resources on providing "justice" for these vermin.
Their actions are fatal to the integrity and existence of Bharatvarsha's 10000 years.
If we donot act now we will be mute accomplices to their actions.


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