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Thursday, May 13, 2010

BWSSB RWH Drama LEDS 13 May 2010

13 May 2010,

The Editor
Times of India

Extorting by criminally intimidating some 60,000 residents of 40x60 and above property owners old residents of Bangalore into installing rainwater harvesting apprears arbitrary and capricious.
What is the contribution these unfortunate's can make for the bludgeoning city and its water problems?Particularly so
1)when 60 percent of the city's space is occupied by public spaces owned by the government,
2) After receiving crores of soft loans and UN funds for these projects, the RWH projects should be encouraged by subsidies as were solar water heating systems.
3) intimidating and threatening the customers with unauthorized abrogated powers of disconnection and stopping of sewerage. We still cannot fathom the stink if BWSSB can ever conceive of a mode of enforcing this illegal criminal intimidation.
4) by excluding the smaller site owners but votebank wise significant BJP as a novice government appears to be driving towards permanent antagonization of the citizenry by their mostly unpopular so far actions.
5) When they are planning on crores of tender or build-operate-and-transfer systems, they should easily include the pittance cost of these 60,000 RWH installations and the drop of water they recharge the table, of the present consumption Three billion litres per year

6) The government administrative machinery fully aware of this alienation appears to be proactively driving this novice government towards an irrevocable total alienation of even the pro party electorate in a mythical Ashatthamo Hatah Kunjarah style.
Under these circumstances,
Citizens are forced to adopt the father of the nation Gandhiji's famous and effective noncooperation movement by letting the government install the RWH and collect the dues
as land revenue (the mode of recovery as per law) which can be litigated at a high
inconvenience to government and BWSSB.
While we are understandably shaking at their threat of disconnection of daily water supply,we are also looking forward to the how of their implementation of stopping sewerage services.
They stop antagonizing large sections of the populace unnecessarily. It is cutting off the nose to spite the face.


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