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Thursday, May 06, 2010

official reply to autoraja D(evils)

1) That is why we have introduced easyauto you can use it.
My response:
It is a rhetorical question that I asked and it is a tongue in cheek answer you have provided.
Several questions on easy auto service are still up in the air.They are not available 24/7. how does a visitor to bengaluru use it since he is not registered?
Kindly dont offer these experimental systems as an answer to complaints.

What if no auto is nearby?then you dont get it as per the site if you refuse the extra charge you are again back on the street.
This service is too new to have collected any credits or debits!

I am asking why are not the existing rules and laws are enforced strictly? to the police, RTO and legal metrology department.
Auto drivers/owners need to be disciplined, and made fit for civilzed society.Easy auto if it is working is the result of side stepping an existing problem.
Easy auto is anything but easy.
Have you tried city taxis? they are never available when you want them. What is availalbe cheat you. Is that a solution to the problem?
You need to register, what do visitors to Bengaluru know about easy autos. You need to pay a fee. You need to wait for them to turn up and they have been known to say nothing is available.
Thanks for the unsolicited advise.
Anything whichever is new take time. All of sudden over night problemcannot be solved. Easy auto you need not to register visit our websitewww.bangaloretrafficpolice.gov.in for details.Only by sendingcomplaints your problems wll not solve . I request you to visittraffic management center at ashok nagar law and order police station. Then you will know from BTP what action we have taken.
Sir,As automation centre responsible for issuing violation notices for almost all aspects of traffic including RTO,legal metrology etc you are right in the forefront of Bangalore's Traffic battles between road users, citizens and government.I am deeply appreciative of the efforts BTP is doing in enforcement. It simply is not enough as 800 vehicles are added everyday to some 3 million vehicles already on the 4500 kms of congested roads. You do not have enough personnel to be everywhere to catch violators and RTO staff do not carry out their jobs of defective # plates, very loud silencers, musical horns underaged drivers, rash and negligent driving, redlight jumping, cellphone driving etc. It is a rampant problem.You do need citizens eyes like mine to report problems to make your reach farther and deeper and create a sense of fear in violators.I feel I have done my duty by reporting the problems accompanied by video evidence if I can manage to gather it. Most of the violation reports occur because most of the enforcement staff-not just traffic police but every government servant should be doing that. Since they do not , it falls to the citizens shoulders. These IMV act violations which will lead to fatalities, hits and runs, iously damage the quality of life of all citizens. One honk necessary or unnecessary hurts 8000 people. A loud horn double triple the number. All avoidable.If you can fine even one or two of the 2900 or so complaints I have sent you some good will have been accomplished because the violator's arrogance police are not there to catch and citizens cannot do anything will disappear gradually.This cooperation by citizens should be appreciated instead of being brushed aside as problems will not be solved by just complaining, attitude.Let us not forget the problem as far as autos are concerned have reached the proportions they have because of lack of enforcement of exisitng laws and consequent arrogance in auto drivers and owners that they can get away with anything.I again deeply appreciate whatever action you are taking and my efforts are not to highlight lack of enforcement but to assist it.If I do send these copies to higher ups it is because I want the government to take concrete policy steps in all areas where it is required. If their mode of operation is to just forward it to you and you interpret it as just a nuisance it is unfortunate, and you have to take it in your stride.Thank you again.


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