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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Truth is always in the past

After almost 6 decades of being exposed to Hindu Upanishads, Mahatma Gandhi and our Governmental proclamations - Satyam eva Jayate and its lesser known but better(?) half Naanrutam.
Truth alone triumphs and not a Lie.
I have experienced that Truth is always in the past.
Never in the present or ever in the future.
Unless we extend the past through the present into the future.
It is true! ha ha - I am looking at time in a linear fashion with a past, present, and future order!
This is the way the world moves? another truth? from past to present to future.
This simplistic equation should not prevent the truth from existing in the present and into the future also!
For one major reason.
Truth and Lie/Untruth are  creations of human mind, and consequently are solely  for the purposes of humans.
Since they are creations of human mind and for human purposes, they can be turned from one to another as easily.
This is because we  as a society place a heavy responsibility on individuals about telling the TRUTH.
Which means  said and did.
 Spoken or acted.
So when everything boils down to responsibility no one on earth wants to take it by default.
Few opt to take responsibility for their words and action.
It is these few who who will let truth live in the present and Future.
Otherwise Truth DIES in the past.
What has bothered me the past ten days or so are 1) Munirathna the BBMP corporator who did one life-luckilyonly one life- in, and 2) Warren Anderson ,the then Chief of Union Carbide who did 20,000 in and still counting.
As I said before, there is no earthly use for Truth except for Human purposes.
Truth is Sanjana Singh a young life was killed- nay murdered- when a shoddily built expensive wall collapsed on her.
20,000 murdered, countless other lives disabled and ruined for ever at Bhopal.- it looks now like for the greed of a multinational which is unwilling to pay for its misdeeds.
Fact is Indian 20,000 lives are less valuable than one US fugitive. Because it is a representation of what or where America is!
Actually, it was the government then in "need?" of dollars? sold the victims and the country down the line for measly dollars. What is worse?  Government let the big fish escape by a US aircraft!, and even these measly dollars did not reach the victims.
The judiciary was fully aware that this exactly was what would happen, but closed their eyes- justly as expected from good judiciary?
Now we have a law minister who wants the Law of Torts changed! Continue the Case against Warren Anderson!
Are we just lucky Warren Anderson is  still alive?
 or just hoping that he will die soon so we dont have to continue the case?
Now all this happens because we want to in retrospect, find out what was said and done then.
So should we seek Truth in Retrospect or Prospect?
There is no "PRESENT" it is already PAST.


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