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Friday, May 14, 2010

Is this new BWSSB response to RWH?

----- Original Message ----- From: Sent: Friday, May 14, 2010 12:54 PMSubject: BWSSB RWH notice, my letter, TOI news items 21 mar 2010. Sri M.B. Nataraj Sub:- Rain Water Harvesting Ref:- Your e-mail Dated:12-04-2010. ------- With reference to your e-mail dated 12-204-2010, it is to inform that, the Government of Karnataka has brought an amendment to BWSS Act, 72-A to adopt Rain Water Harvesting for the new buildings constructed on site measuring 30 x 40 above and the existing buildings 40 x 60 and above. This is to further inform that, it is not to single out 60,000 of the lakhs of properties. Below 40 x 60 sites, the space left over is insufficient to put up RWH structures. However, they may also have RWH. BWSSB has not authorized any contractors to issue certificates after adopting the RWH. The consumers have to approach the local Water Supply offices to get the details of RWH and to inform the RWH implementation to their respective houses. sd/-Chief Engineer (Quality Assurance)


I guess you are a BWSSB official? since the appellation at the bottom does not clarify how you got my letter?
The whole problem is the attitude of the approach.
You are antagonizing even the law abiding citizens.
You authorities treat citizens like enemies, criminals and preindependence day natives who understand only the language of the danda.
It is time to treat them like your allies.

Some houses especially my neighbors is already
situated such that all the water on his rooftop falls within his generous open earthed 4000 sq ft plot and is resorbed into the ground.
I have already put up necessary pipes to divert all the water to my 30x 20 front lawn with an open bottomed 1000 litre old sump.
What kind of compliance report should we file?
When the meter reader and aide can be the notice bearers why cannot they be the compliance reporters also on your behalf?
Why make customer run up to BWSSB officials doors?

Then why have you put up the list of authorized RWH contractors? and what do you mean there is not sufficient space? according to your plans even a 3x3x3 pit is sufficient. Does not even the smallest of the small sites have a sump that size?
if so they can accommodate a RWH pit. Why are you illegally- you are not authorized by law to disconnect water and sewerage supply- intimidating the customers- obviously the targetted 60,000- with it?
These are the kinds of actions that create unpleasant sense of opacity and underhand dealings in the BWSSB involvement in the entire RWH project even in the sympathetic willing to comply customers eyes.
It is definitely not a sign of transparent functioning.
The threatening attitude of the authorities is in total contrast with the conciliatory note you have sent me.
This confrontational approach will do any good for this already shaky government's popularity.

Kindly direct your meter readers to be the bearers of compliance reports also.
I wonder what action would you threaten me with if I choose not to go to your offices to file a compliance report.
The approach is either voluntary compliance by created awareness or draconian armtwisting which you started out with.
Incidentally the amendment that authorizes you with recovering dues does not talk anything about citizens having to run upto your offices for filing compliance?
Sincerely yours
M B Nataraj


Blogger Ashwini said...

Hello NAT,

Can you please help me?

My dad is a retired employee of HMT, and has a house on 30X50 dimension in vidhyaranyapura in Bangalore.
This house was constructed in 1985. If I am not wrong, this new amendment act does not enforce any a must for RWH for this property as this is less than 60X40 dimension. Just a few days ago, a BWSSB employee just barged into the house and took away the meter and cut the water supply for the house saying it does not comply with the new amendment act. When My dad(who is 70years old) contacted him, he first gave the reason of RWH, then when my dad told him that it is not applicable to that house, he just told him that the meter allotted to you, is not in your name, so in any case I am not giving it back.

Please help me, I cannot see my dad roam around these uncultured/inhuman people at the govt offices.

Please let me know if I can do something to help my father.

Thank you very very much in advance,

3:20 PM  
Blogger NAT said...

What he has done is illegal and he and BWSSB are liable for criminal action. I donot know the facts about the meter being not in your father's name, it does not matter whose name the meter is. If it is a legal connection and no dues are outstanding BWSSB cannot disconnect water supply, particularly for RWH. Kindly write a complaint to the chairman, PRO BWSSB with a copy to the chief minister.YOu can also leave a IVRI complaint at local BWSSB office. If need be I suggest you take your documents to the local police station and file a criminal complaint against the meter reader and BWSSB. email addresses of
1) Chief Minister: cm@kar.nic.in,
2)chairman BWSSB: chairman@bwssb.org
1 Dial 22238888 to Register your complaint round the clock. Complaint will be readdressed within 48 Hours or else it goes to the notics of chairman

2 For complaint reddressal and reply send E-mail to :

4:12 PM  
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