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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what a scandalous and appalling waste of public resources-21 jul 2010


I just learnt the scandalous wasteful way government machinery functions when a citizen complains about email complaints on small matters like very loud musical horns or autorickshaws which cheat by tampered meters or refuse to ply.

Registration number is vitally important to track such violations and defective number plates, which galore unchecked allow violtaions to continue unabated and violators to escape without punishment.

All the effort we take to avoid wastage of public money and time is negated by the process followed.

In the absence of centralized RTO database updated regularly and accessible to the police and other enforcement authorities, staff is sent individually to the various RTO offices physically, to search for themselves the voluminous records and PAY the RTO staff RS 10 for each B extract- which anyway is not uptodate TRANSCOM PLZ NOTE- summon the offender, and in the rare case he turns up fine the offender, print out the 3 pages notice compliance report, original complaint and and

DGP plz note: PHYSICALLY DELIVER THE ATR to the complainant.

What a national waste of public money.

Simple instructions to respond to emails via emails should have saved the exchequer 100s of rupees in manpower and money for the 300 rupees fine that violation eventually produced. one was a wrong vehicle what was supposed to be an auto number was a lorry- complainant could have been misled by defective number plate, duplicate number plate or bashabhimaana kannada number plate actually intended to evade detection.

Does it require SIXTY years post independence to have a working system in place?

Can the authorities responsible instill some sense into the way the government functions?

Please please please automate the silicon city immediately.

Thank you,


Microbiologist-Medical Technologist

MS(Georgetown University, Wash DC) MT(American Medical Technologists) USA


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