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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Autodrivers autocracy-21 Aug 2010

It is all fine to create new web sites for dealing with autodriver misbehaviour.

Ground reality is slightly different when you see and hear the experience of the , women,elderly and disabled with these auto devils.

The auto devils recent behaviour after the increased fare, crack down on illegal autos and public retaliation about their unruly ways, has become worse.

Recently my wife approached a policeman for help in getting an auto. He flagged down and the auto driver drove a short distance and demanded that she get down and take another auto.

When she refused, he most reluctantly came to the destination, spat almost on her and said if he had a bomb he would blast the police and public and all. She could not note down the number because it was in Kannada. Before the Kannada Rakshana vedike jumps in to demand that she learn kannada, many policemen cannot read kannada boards and Bhashabhimana should not be a means of criminal acts.

Just now my 80 plus year old aunts ended up paying 240 rs , for a ride from jayanagar to mahalakshmi lay out, because he confused them saying they had not given him the 100 rs note for the 140 rs ride( A ride that used to cost just 80 rs a month ago), and took 100 rupees more.

This auto did not have any display board, and such auto drivers who rob the elderly and women should be shot on sight.

Dated : Saturday, August 21, 201012:17 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

does it matter even if a policeman is witnessing this incident? NO. Because more than 50% of bangalore autos are OWNED by heavy weight policemen, politicos, gang leaders, etc. Auto drivers, no doubt, are NOT afraid if a police man catches them, if at all. In fact i have never seen a pliceman policing an auto driver till date. Now you know why? hehehehe

12:11 PM  

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