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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

National shame thanks to paper pushers inefficiency

What a national shame, that sheer inefficiency  and stupidity on the part of the unconcerned ministry has to be defended by the minister as "Procedural delay".
All that we seem to have learnt from 200 years of British rule is effective cover up of actual facts in flowery english.
Unconcerned department because, there can be no question of Anand's nationality if he is holding a valid Indian passport whose authenticity is unquestioned. If it is, even then, it should be the home or external affairs ministry that should raise it not HRD. We Indians are experts at tracking the slightest Indian connection in any one famous. Many famous Indians are wary of acknowledging Indianness because of the lack of pride that Indian government routinely displays like this. Equally telling recent examples are  President Kalam
 frisking  by continental airlines- the investigation still on 1 year 4 months later? and SIR NAIPAUL being asked to prove his Indianness!


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