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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cellphones- legal documents prevent misuse? a paradox

Dear Nodal Officer,

To maintain the sanctity and importance and the purpose of updated documents of all your customers and cellphone users of other services, these messages should not be sent irresponsibly or lightly. We honest citizens do not want to ignore them. We want to take them seriously and respond appropriately. I am surprised that I was sent these messages repeatedly despite updating it.

It shows a serious lacuna in your record updating and maintenance. If I had not raised my voice (and the others in Mysore city recently) things would have gone on as usual and 3 sets or more of legally valid documents for 1 cellphone would be in your records with a great potential for misuse.

As a citizen I have no great faith in the ability of TRAI or the government to safeguard interests of the country or the citizens.

I fail to understand the purpose of these documents.

Cell phones by virtue of their nature are mobile and cannot be pinned down to any one physical address. So what use is a valid physical address, photo, signature etc in the real event of misuse?

These are questions to be pondered over by you cell phone providers , TRAI and Government of India before harassing millions of cell phone users for the occasional misuse.

To me it looks like severe deterrent punishment of the few misusers would be more meaningful than destroying the business relationship between customers, cell phone providers by measures which do not serve the purpose.

Government and its enforcement organs are only good at turning the screws , mindlessly I may add, on the ones they have licenced -meaning you- and the users meaning us.

It is upto you to provide the government cogent reasons why such measures may not serve the purpose they are intended for and also provide them means and measures to accomplish what they have in mind.

After all the bureaucrats sitting at TRAI and Telecom ministry are not technical Einsteins?

Sincerely yours

M B Nataraj


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