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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

top cop is right

Dr Guruprasad is absolutely right in saying that the 100 mtr stretch he stays in is built up on both sides. The same is true of east park road in the section between 18th and 17th cross Malleswaram. The rest of East and west park roads are built up only on the eastern and western sides except for the dense 100 meter stretch in the 7th and 8 cross sections of these two roads 2 kilometers south.

Both Sampige and Margosa roads are one way in the north and south directions, and following the western traffic management logic if west park road is oneway north then the eastpark road should be made oneway south. But all of us know that logic is not the strongest point of Bangalore Traffic police. Convenience, political or otherwise, is. Otherwise why would we allow parking on the outermost lane of one way streets? No free turns into the direction of traffic on one way streets or worse still the stretch of road between Krishna Flour mills and Kempegowda Bus terminus is in violation of the entire nations traffic laws of Left side driving. What should be oneway south is one way north and vice versa.


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