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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Honking virtually banned by law , enforcement needed.

The Editor

Times of India,

This is with reference to the 8th main. Malleswaram, residents request to ban honking.Supreme court has already mandated 65-85 db noise levels during day time in cities and total ban on honking between 10pm to 6AM. Musical, air horns, souped up silencers are totally banned by law. Therefore every honk is already a violation.
Only enforcement is required to be demanded.
On 19th Aug 2010, Traffic police also issued a note to this effect.
Under the pollution control board laws any honker can be fined at a level far more than traffic laws contemplate. Only some internal deputization/ authorization between the police and KSPCB may be required.
All citizens and residents can demand enforcement of these laws rather than demanding a Ban and inviting the "IRE" of the impatient honkers who criminally assault 8000 citizens with every honk.
Enforcing authorities are required to maintain a diary on noise pollution complaints and act on every complaint.
It might be useful for them if exact details of the violations like the registration number, date, place and time are provided to them so that they have specific instances to act on.
This will go a long way in deterring honking rather than inviting road riots from vehicle drivers who think they have a carte blanc on the horn button the moment they are on the vehicle.

Bangalore: Traffic police won’t be amused with blaring horns anymore — especially of trucks and private buses. During a two-day drive against vacuum horns, they have booked over 3,025 cases and slapped a fine of over Rs 2.95 lakh against them.

Besides, police have warned the vehicle owners to get these horns removed before August 31, failing which they will resort to removing these on their own.

Additional commissioner of police (traffic and security) Praveen Sood said both vacuum and air horns were prohibited.

“However, private buses and trucks use them. They will not use these horns in city limits. Once they cross Madiwala, Yeshwantpur or Kengeri on Mysore Road, the menace begins,” he said.

As per rules, any horn making sound above 80 decibels cannot be used in vehicles. The drive was conducted in places including Electronic City, Hesara Ghatta, Kengeri and Nelamangala Road.


Turn this area into a no-honking zone
Malleswaram 8th Main is bustling with traffic all day, with several vehicles plying from as early as 4am to about 12.30 in the night. There is too much honking, and unauthorized parking and wrong-side driving are adding to the chaos here. Authorities should take action and make it a no-honking residential zone at the earliest.

— A resident, Malleswaram


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