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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Science cannot lift veil of Silence- Arushi,Hemraj Murder

Two human beings are dead. The families would be leading the demand for answers if random crime was the primary cause. We citizens and soceity deserve answers because of safety repercussions to all. If the parents are not guilty then they will be found innocent. Due process of criminal law cannot be and should not be obstructed but welcomed.
In a homicide investigation, when not an accident, motive is the most important directing factor. Then the who did and the opportunity. Medical or forensic science can only assist the investigative agencies in directing the search, basically providing yes , no or Maybe answers.
The answers can only be as accurate the questions. For example Who died first, It seems to indicate that Hemraj died earlier so he could not have killed Arushi. If the two times of death are too close for sicence to tell apart then Maybe will be the anwer.
That will decide the court if the accused is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Science cannot lift the pervading blanket of human silence around the motive. Not even brain mapping or lie detector test or Narco analysis. They are all inadmissible evidence. They should be because they are inaccurate. Using such inaccurate methods to further criminology will damage the Science and miscarry justice.



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